Cyborg Beast

Author: JorgeZuniga, published on 2014-03-02

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All files can be found under the “Thing Files” tab right below the photos of our hands. Please click download all file to get all components of the hands.
For More information on assembly or the research, please go to

To make the Normal Hand Version, print and scale the following:
1x Right OR Left Palm
1x Normal Gauntlet or Normal Gauntlet w Tensioner
4x Finger Phal
4x Finger w Bumps OR Finger wo Bumps
1x Thumb Phalange
1x Thumb Finger w Bumps OR Thumb Finger wo Bumps
To make the No Thumb Hand Version, print and scale the following:
1x R No Thumb Palm OR L No Thumb Palm
1x R One Hinge Gauntlet OR L One Hinge Gauntlet
4x Finger Phal
4x Finger w Bumps OR Finger wo Bumps

Ulnar/Radial Deviation Hand, Movable Thumb Hand, and Cyborg Arm –> Soon to be released.

Most voluntary closing devices including this design need sufficient wrist movement and strength for proper function. This design doesn’t require Orthoplastic. The fingers are designed for better gripping and to avoid over extension of the proximal phalange and distal finger segment. It fits a 1 to 2 mm cabling and elastic bands.
The Creighton University Group. Special thanks to our beta testers and makers Gregg Dennison, Frankie Flood, and Paul & Leon McCarthy.
The Cyborg Beast is a remix of the snap together Robohand ( and the original Robohand (

For more information on where to connect with people who can help someone in need with sizing, printing and/or assembly of a mechanical hand please join the e-NABLE Google+ Community entitled, e-NABLE:
For more information and stories:


Assembly instructions can be found on the website
Printing Instructions:
Infill: Depends on age. We usually do 30% infill.
Number of Shells? 2
Temp? Depends on Plastic recommendations. But 230 c is safe estimate for all types.
Speed? For better quality, lower your speed to 60mm/sec extrusion and 90mm/sec for traveling
Orientation: The same as the objects load onto the build plate. We designed the STL files for ease of use so you do not need to change much.

See Manual as a PDF files.
Jeremy Simon made a very instructive and educational videos for the assembling and testing of the Cyborg Beast. Thank you to Jeremy Simon and
Here is a demonstration of the functionality of the Cyborg Beast from one of our research participants named Tucker. Thank you Tara for posting the Video.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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