Dark Mask – Jointed

Author: bqLabs, published on 2015-10-18

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Create your own articulated frightening mask. You just have to print two parts and fit the axis of the jaw. Then, add a thin elastic cord to open and close the jaw.
More info: http://diwo.bq.com/builds/imprime-tu-mascara-para-halloween/

Author: http://www.thingiverse.com/Shira/about

Print Settings

Rafts: Sin importancia

Supports: Sin importancia

Resolution: Layer height(mm): 0.2

Infill: 10%



1- Remove support material
2-3 Turn the jaw and introduce the joint into the slot. 2-join 3-slot
4-Add a thin elastic cord (1mm -1.5mm diameter)
5-To attach the mask to the head, intruduce by an elastic cord holes

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

Tags: costume, demon, halloween, jointed, Maleficent, mask