Darth Vader Reveal Bust

Author: Geoffro, published on 2014-06-28

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Print shown took 5.5 hours for the main bust, 3 hours for the helmet and about an hour to paint.
Note on the little mouth microphone pieces.
Mine broke off when I took the supports off the mouth and nose, but no sweat! I took 2 tiny pieces of filament, heated the ends to make little balls and super glued them to the machinery in the jaw.. and hey presto, all fixed. So the two little silver ended things are just super-glued black filament with sliver paint on the end.


The STL’s provided are plated as they were printed, they were both printed at pretty much what I print all my busts at,
0.2mm layer height,
2 Walls/Shells in ABS.
70ms Feed,
120ms Travel.
Rafts +Supports.
Supports are easy to remove and necessary.
Easy to remove supports – there is not many.
How you print it is of course up to you, but that’s what i used for this print. Using the above settings the Bust took 5.5 hours and the Helmet took 3 hours, luckily most of it’s black so painting is a breeze –
I used acrylics with some gloss enamel for the helmet, but not too much as I am hopeless with spray cans, that’s why I do everything by hand brushing. I used only a few colours in this one, Black, Red Blue, Yellow, White and Silver. The yellow is to mix with the red and white for the skin colour, the red and blue to make the purply skin around his eyes, pretty quick job all in all. Started printing at 8am, was finished by 8pm tonight.
Mesh notes
This mesh is a little different to the normal bust mesh I would upload. I don’t like long prints! no I really mean it, I hate long prints, I go to bed still hearing my printer printing even when it’s not turned on… I think I’ve discovered a new syndrome.. anyway that’s another story…
This mesh has alot of hollow sections. I tried to do something different, and that was use supports as internal infill – not Infill as infill.. why?
Well, I can’t make my machine print any faster, but I can change models so they do, so what I did was cut out a tonne of sections once it was done, left cavities where I normally wouldn’t, but everytime I did I made sure the area was covered with a roof of some sort, if you print this and get to the shoulders and neck, you will see what I mean.
The support material will act as infill int he places where it’s needed inside the mesh, in places that get covered and you don’t need to remove it. I kept as many of these as I could so you will see alot of them printing out, but the finished product will only have a few visible supports, the rest can stay inside and work effectively as infill that took much less time and plastic.

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