Dasaki Ramps 1.4 Enclosure / Box / Case

Author: dasaki, published on 2015-04-08

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Compact enclosure for Ramps 1.4, with space for one or two 50mm fans, LCD connectors and hinged cover for easy access.

After two years of having my Prusa electronics unboxed and untidy, I finally decided to design my own enclosure.

Version v2: reinforced and increased space of cable holders.

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Cut the hole/s for the fan/s after printing. Fans should blow outwards (extract the air from the enclosure).
There are holes for M3 nuts and bolts in two of the case sides, to fix it to the printer/device chassis.

Printing hints:

To be printed in the position as in the source files (also shown in one of the pictures).

0.3mm layer height
0.6mm top/bottom thickness
1.0mm shell thickness
25% fill density

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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