Death Gun(Desu Gan)

Author: ferreusveritas, published on 2014-11-01

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Death Gun from Sword Art Online(Gun Gale Online)

I just set up a shop on Shapeways. This mask is available for sale.

Version 2

This design has been scaled by 120% of it’s previous size to fit the average adult sized head.
Warped the back edges of the mask out a little for more comfort. Added a buckle hole to the top of the mask. Files are better separated with the ready-to-print mask still included.

Ready to print file should fit snugly on Makerbot Replicator 2.
Whole mask file included for those who would like to cut for printing in a different way.

How I Designed This

Designed from official reference art in Blender and Inkscape. Artistic license was employed to adapt it from anime art to fit a real human head.



  • Bottom and Top(or whole mask)
  • 2X vent
  • 2X lens retainer
  • 4X lens spacer
  • 5X buckle
  • 5X buckle bushing

Print pieces, cut off helper discs, superglue halves together. Ready-to-print mask file is designed to be printed without supports. A lens file was added but is not meant to be printed(unless you can print a clear lens). It’s just for reference. Lens spacers are meant to hold 2 35mm lenses together with a colored acetate sandwiched between them.

Mask takes:

  • 3 X #8×1/4 Machine Screws for front(optional, thread directly into plastic)
  • 5 X #10×1/4 Machine Screws for buckles(optional for buckle attachments)
  • Elastic and/or velcro for fastening.
  • Optional glass lenses 35mmx1mm glass circles for the goggles
  • 2 x #4×1/4 sheet metal screws for lens retainers.

I printed the mask in PLA. Glued together, bondo, sanded, flat black primer, acrylic dry brush paint, sealed with spray-able gloss modge podge.
Glue vents on after bondo and sanding.

Pro Tip:
If using PLA the glued mask can be reshaped to fit if held over a steam bath for a minute or so.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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