Delta’Q 3D Printer

Author: everlong, published on 2014-06-03

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  • (20×20) Aluminium Extrusion
    Best Out Of The DELTA Configuration.
    With the built size of a Rostock, and
    The Feel of a Kossel, Comes the Delta’Q.
    The long awaited Delta 3D Printer, a Par/Baseline
    for all Delta 3D printers, with the aim to build a Sturdy,
    Tough and Esthetic Permanent design.

  • Featuring The:
    DQ Base.
    A wider print area that would fit mk2 head bed.
    DQ Rocket Carriage.
    Designed for Quick and Easy Mounting of any Size Belt or Line.
    DQ Rod Holder.
    Specialized for the 8mm linear rod and lm8uu bearings.
    DQ Effector.
    A wider circumference to mount any type of linkage with a m3 screw
    DQ Micro End Stops
    Replaces the normal end stops.

  • you can get the RAMPS Mega Holder MOUNT on 2020 here:
    -to be updated-


Part list.

    This is the printing base for the DeltaQ, Preferably aluminum.
    The one in the picture is MDF top with glass.
    1 pcs in total
    Fitted for the 20×20 extrusion with a m5 size hole to fit the frame.
    3 pcs in total

License: GNU – GPL

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