Author: M600, published on 2014-11-22

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Don’t know where to put your spare head for your turntable? Your Jack adapter? Don’t wonder anymore, this is the box you were waiting for.

The Deskshell is a stunning multi-purpose container for your audio items. It will sit wonderfully near your turntable as it mimic the headshell used in them. No container specifically designed for turntable lovers exist on the market, it’s at the same time useful and novel!
Headshell, Cardridge, wires, adaptor, screw… So many small things that can be lose quite easily and you never know where to store them. With this gorgeous box that will sit next to your audio system, problem solved!
Your precious head need a safe place? Put some foam in the container to secure it: simple as that!
Use the removable nameplate to remember what you stored in it, like one for your spare headshell, one for your cardridge and so on!
Want to customize it even further more? Simply change the front logo if you want!

See Instructions for extended how to.


Thu I don’t own a 3D printer, I had to print on my friend’s one. He only had White plastic so I couldn’t make a multi colored version to show it.
Sorry for that.
And I think it might come out wonderfully with ColorFabb Bronzefill…

If something is not clear enough, I will be glad to help you, don’t hesitate to comment and like!

And show us what color scheme you choose! : )



The Deskshell is made of 10 parts and can be print within a 10x10x12.5cm area.
Printability is EXCELLENT, 90% of the parts doesn’t require support material. Only the “container” part may need it.

Included 4 STL files that will fit small printer like the Replicator Mini (10x10x12.5). Just to make your print easier without the hassle to move them to fit 😉

Supplied two extras logos: the Makerbot one and a blank.


If you have a big printer that can hold all the parts, it will take you around 5 hours.
If you have a smaller printer, print time is around:

  • Base: 50min
  • Arm: 67min
  • Container: 96min
  • Cover: 27min
  • Nameplate: 20min
  • Logo: 14min
  • Top plate: 10min
  • Screw: 13min
  • Connector (2): 6min
    // Simulated with 0.3mm layer on Simplify3D


Once all the part is printed, the building should be straight forward as most the part simply snap together. You only need to glue a “Connector” on the base and it’s optional!

Remember, parts with “Replicator_MINISpecific” is just files with placement of the part that fit small printer, if you print them one by one, do not print those four files!

Replicator_MINI_Specific_Deskshell_1 : Base
Replicator_MINI_Specific_Deskshell_2 : Arm, Nameplate
Replicator_MINI_Specific_Deskshell_3 : Container, Cover
Replicator_MINI_Specific_Deskshell_4 : Logo, Top plate, Screw, 2 Connector
With everything by default (0.2mm, 10%, raft) on the Mini, estimated time is:
1 – 114min (21.04g)
2 – 175min (30.14g)
3 – 276min (46.27g)
4 – 81min (14.93g)

CONNECTOR (Optional)

The connector is used to insert wire to finish the style. I use a random solid core wire (3mm diameter), cut it in 4 pieces of around 4cm.
Take out the inner core (metal) of it and only keep the sleeve (plastic), it will make the fitting much easier!

Insert them on the connector not glued and push them flush to the base, glueing them is recommended but not needed. Once the glue is dry, bore the 4 holes on the connector glued on the base just enough for the wire sleeve to slide easier than in the one you just put. It ease the installation and the removing later on.

Take the container, insert the connector with wire in his bottom place, it should snap it. Insert the free wire to the connector on the base and voila!

The “Connector 2” is exactly the same as the first but it’s just a reminder that you have to print two of them!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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