DIY Linear Translational Stage – Micrometer resolution

Author: Musti, published on 2013-09-02

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This Linear Translational Stage is developed to provide the same functionality a standard lab linear translational stage, but at a fraction of the cost.

The sliding block is moved with micrometer resolution using a micrometer screw at a disance up to 15mm. Suitable for use with optical equipment and for positioning various things with high precision.

There are two parts to the design. Small short-test pieces are to be printed in a few minutes to check dimensions and accuracy of the printer. If the blocks do not slide, the edge of the Rail needs to be chamfered a bit more.

After completing this test step, print the full design as indicated on the image. Note that the Rail must be printed top-down (counterintuitive) to ensure the smoothnes of the edce on which the sliding occurs. Do not worry about the roughness of the connecting sections above the gap, there is space to accomodate for it.


Printed using ABS 0.1mm layers, parts positioned and rotated as shown in images! This is a must!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

Tags: micrometer, positioning, translational_stage