Drill press for a Dremel

Author: mitchnajmitch, published on 2013-10-05

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UPDATE to version V3

  • I have updated the rack and slider so it is now better printable. It’s split into 5 parts (the slider and 4 bearings caps to hold bearings in place).
  • I have updated the clamp that holds the pinion axis so it is more durable.
  • I have also uploaded video and some photos of current version.

MAJOR UPDATE – version V2

I have updated the original design of my drill press. Slider mechanism was changed, so it has now 4 contact points with the lead rods, which makes it more stable and eliminates any wobble when drilling. Also the rack was bit shortened and made a bit thicker to accommodate the slider changes. All other parts remains the same. So if you are updating from the previous version of the drill press, you only need to print the rack and slider.

I have also included DXF files for those of you guys, who would like to make top and bottom plates on laser cutter from steel or plexiglass. The top plate has 8mm holes for rods to go through and be fixed by nuts. Holes in the bottom plate should be threaded with M8 screw-tap.


To build this thing you will need:

  • 4 pieces of the 8mm smooth rod, 30 cm each (12″)
  • 4 pieces of the 8mm smooth rod, 10 cm each (4″)
  • 1 piece of the M8 threaded rod, 15cm long (6″)
  • 2 LM8UU bearings
  • Some springs that fits 8mm smooth rod
  • 8 pieces of M8 nuts – less if you use self-locking nuts
  • M3 bolts 3x20mm 6x, 4x25mm 4x
  • M3 nuts, M3 washers
  • And finally – a dremel

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