DSLR “Run ‘n Gun” Rig

Author: oxigine, published on 2013-09-25

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I finished the final designs and uploaded them for you all. To keep it organised I deleted the old files, if you want any of the, shoot me a message.

This DSLR rig is a remix on this thing: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:12795

I’m redesigning it to fit better in my film quiver. This project will develop over time with different prototypes and versions. I made all the holes to fit 15mm aluminium rods. I pulled mine from a fancy looking fruit bowl. (http://goo.gl/9jBZmD)

October 4th 2013 // Cart + Handle 2

Did some redesign on the handle. It’s now thicker and has a bigger base which will , hopefully, prevent breaking. I also added a slot for the bolt on the inside so you dont need any tools.

Now for the cart:

I created this rig to fit a 5D Mark III but the cart might be a little bit to small. I’m creating a bigger cart but for now this one is useable. Also the bracket could use a hole in the bottom so you can use bigger size bolt if thats all you have. The next design will also have holes that fit countersunk bolts. This way the bolt head wont be in your way.

Problems after first print
1. No hole in the bottom of the bracket for bigger bolts
2. Camera cart might be a little bit to small for bigger cameras
3. Bolt possibly in the way of camera

October 1st 2013 // Prototype 1

Problem: Handle wall too thin. Broke on weight test. (4x maximum weight)

September 25th 2013 // Prototype 1
This is a prototype modelled to Onelonedorks adapter. Instead of making it into a shoulder rig adapter I decided to make it into a “Run ‘n Gun” rig that can be carried in one hand. It has the same function as the Cam Caddie (http://goo.gl/2DVwAO). It works great for skateboard and snowboard follow shots.

Although, since I have a Canon T2i which doesn’t have a fold out screen I ran into a problem with looking at the screen. I found a solution which make it possible to share your DSLR screen on you Android phone. You can get the app here: http://goo.gl/Ns0VzR

With a USB-OTG cable you can connect your DSLR to your phone and controller the camera. I know this works on the Sony Xperia Z and Google Nexus 7 by experience.

Problems after first print
1. Handle to short and small
2. Hole in frame too big, doesn’t fit with a bigger handle
3. No bolt cutout in handle
4. Foot on phone bracket too low

Additional design needed
1. Camera baseplate
2. Camera mount


You’ll need the following in the nuts and bolts department:

8x 20MM 6M nuts & bolts
2x 20MM 6M countersunk nuts & bolts

The countersunk bolts go through the baseplate for the camera into the brackets, this way the bolts aren’t in the way with bigger lenses.

Use the rest of the bolts to fasten the rest of their respective locations on the rig.

2 bolts on each bracket
2 bolts on the frame
1 bolt in the handle
1 bolt for the phone bracket

For the rods you’ll need any typeof 15 mm rods. I found these: http://goo.gl/9jBZmD

Print Settings:


Layer Height (mm): 0.3
Shell Thickness (mm): 1.2
Enable Retraction: Checked


Bottom/Top Thickness (mm): 0.6
Fill Density (%): 40

Speed & Temperature

Print Speed (mm/s): 100
Printing Temperature (C): 210


Support Type: None
Platform Adhesion Type: None

Diameter (mm): 2.85
Flow (%): 100

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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