Dungeon! Board Game Card Holder

Author: TechnoSwiss, published on 2013-09-04

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This is a set of card holders for the game Dungeon!, the D&D board game.


I’ve been sitting on this since Jan 2013 because I wanted to print it before I posed it. Alas I haven’t found the time to get my printer back running.

Figured I’d put this out there and let people take a look at it. Use caution because I’m not sure how it will print, or if the cards will actually fit one printed. I’m including the SketchUp file so people can tweak it as needed.

You’ll need to print 2 of the CardHolders file, it has 6 slots so you’ll need one of the monster cards, and one for the treasure cards. Only 1 of the CardHolders Part 2, it has 3 slots for cards (the Wizard’s spell cards) and then 2 bins for the counters and grave stones.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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