E3D v6 mount for K8200

Author: kuraasu, published on 2014-06-01

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This is an adapter to mount the E3D v6 hotend on the K8200 extruder.

For the E3D v5 version of this mount, see here.

Update: thanks for waiting! Here’s the new version of the v6 mount. Additionally, I corrected an error in the HeightLike… file.
For continuity, e.g. re-checking a previous printout of the mount, the preliminary files will also be available for some time.

The mount uses the same long M3 nuts which otherwise fix the original hotend, so there are no further changes to the extruder necesssary to use the E3D in this printer.


There are two versions of this adapter, a single part and a split version to be glued together. Just chose which version will be easier to print for you …
The fan mount is designed for the 30×30 fan that comes with the E3D v6, i.e. four 2.5 mm holes with 24 mm distance.
NB: due to the smaller outline of the hotend, the fan holes are quite close to the edge. You may need to tap the holes to reduce the risk of breakage.
The M3x25 bolts that were used to fix the original hotend can be re-used for this mount. M3x20 bolts should also work, since the E3D v6 is a bit smaller in height compared to both the v5 and the original K8200 / 3drag hotend.
Please note that the E3D v6 barrel has a top section with a height below 4 mm (3.7 mm by design), while the cavity in the K8200 extruder base is approx. 4.0 – 4.1 mm deep. You have to insert a spacer, e.g. a washer, into the cavity in order to properly fix the hotend.
There is also a printable spacer (0.5 mm thick); if you use it make sure it prints thick enough (otherwise scale its height), and that the inner diameter is at least 3.5 to 4 mm.
The spacer named HeightLikeE3Dv5 adjusts the E3Dv6 in height so that the nozzle ends up at the same position like the v5. It is only beneficial if you plan to switch between both v5 and v6 without too much adjustment of Z home. You’ll need M3x30 bolts (like for the v5 mount) in this case. Just like the flat spacer, make sure the bore is sufficiently large, and also smooth.

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