ElastoStraps – Reusable Hook / Loop Fasteners

Author: nothinglabs, published on 2013-11-06

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ElastoStraps are reusable hook / loop fasteners printed in soft PLA.

See a video demo at: http://youtu.be/4H6pfnI9fd0
More info at: http://www.nothinglabs.com

Just stretch them around two things you want to hold together – and push the mesh over the hooks (don’t worry if all the hooks don’t catch).

I developed ElastoStraps to do things like attach lights to my bicycle.

Use Thingiverse Customizer to generate a strap in the size you need – or print one of the provided .STL files.

ElastoStraps are surprisingly strong when printed at 100% infill with 1.25mm thickness.


ElastoStraps have been tested with soft PLA (specifically “Flex EcoPLA” available from makergeeks.com and others).

Let me know what kind of results you get with other flexible filaments – and I’ll post them here!

Use 100% infill when printing – and any other tweaks you need to get good prints using soft PLA.

Printing in soft PLA can be a bit tricky – this presentation has some tips:

If you have problems with prints pealing-up – try using a glue stick on the print area (this can really help!).

If you have problems with filament binding-up in your extruder – this extruder upgrade may help:

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