Eventorbot Symmetrical Dual Extruder Mount

Author: maso27, published on 2013-11-15

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A mount for two Wade’s Extruders for dual-headed usage on the Eventorbot.
Also included: an adapter for dual spool holders.

I took kkronyak’s eventorbot extruder mount and mirrored it around the central screw point. This allowed me to mount a spool holder underneath each one to create a clean, self-contained dual-extruder printer.

Note: I have updated the Double Spool Adapter to rev 03. Rev 02 widened the part, and rev 03 moved the spool mounts 5 mm further from the frame. I found that some spools were interfering with the bed when I dropped the Z-axis far enough.


I used these brackets to mount “Accessible Wade’s Extruder for Hobbed Gear slightly improved” to my Eventorbot.

It would also be possible to use a non-mirrored extruder for both sides. I mirrored it for symmetry. Since I could print anything I wanted I figured I might as well.

And you can really mount any extruder that will fit that mount pattern. There’s a few different types around.

Note that I had to drill a couple holes on the opposite side of the frame to help support the mount.

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