Author: OpenFabPDX, published on 2014-03-24

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The F-F-Fiddle (pronounced eff-eff-fiddle) is a full size electric violin that can be made with common home 3D printing equipment. All parts can be printed without support material on a Makerbot Replicator 2 or larger (I also use a Type A Machines Series 1), and the total material cost is roughly $250. For more info and assembly documentation: http://www.openfabpdx.com/fffiddle.
Here’s a video intro to the F-F-Fiddle: http://youtu.be/8NDWVcJJS2Y and here’s the FIRST tune played on a FFF 3D printed violin! http://youtu.be/_0-8EZPDshY
If you’ve built a F-F-Fiddle, or plan to build one, join the F-F-Fiddle Builder’s Group to offer your feedback and get support during your build. http://ow.ly/yXJAV

8/15/14: I fixed a problem in the part orientation for the Bout and Neck that caused an issue with the first layer. Prints are much easier now.
7/7/14: I’ve made two F-F-Fiddles in ProtoPasta’s carbon fiber filament — they sound better! All of my bridges are now CFPLA, and I highly recommend using CFPLA for your parts. See pictures, above.
5/6/14: New bridge designed to send vibration more directly to the pickups. New bout part has counterbore for Gotoh Stealth guide/accent parts. Not necessary for functionality but they look nice.
4/2/14: STEP file for the instrument has been uploaded.
4/1/14: I changed the Rev numbers for the Bout files to 7. There is no change to the part, so Bout-R6 is OK to use with Neck-R7.
You may use the F-F-Fiddle for commercial purposes if you agree to send 10% of your net gross income from use of the design to OpenFab PDX, LLC every six months. Paypal: [email protected] If you wish to use the design to sell a product, such as a 3D printer, please contact me.


Recommended slicing settings:
0.20mm layer heights
10% infill
3 shells
3 solid layers top and bottom
Bridge is OK for 2 shells, 5-10% infill.

View and download full assembly instructions here: www.openfabpdx.com/fffiddle

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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