Fallout 4 – 10mm Pistol

Author: lilykill, published on 2015-06-30

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Here is the new 10mm Pistol from the newest installation of the fallout series. I have created the model from the preview footage of the game from the Bethesda E3 conference. Obviously take the scale with a pinch of salt as it’s hard to gauge the size of the weapon with the footage shown. Ive tried to capture as much detail as possible and since the right size of the weapon is not shown it may look a bit blank but I can update the model or change the scale once the game is out or once more images are available. You can modify the scale manually in your slicer software so if you think the grip does not fit you, simply scale to your needs. To make it fit right I would suggest print of the grip on a fast setting and thick layer height and see how fit you and then scale to your needs.

I would want to test print this myself but knowing the fan following someone is bound to beat me to it, so if anyone has feedback on the tolerances or assembly please feel to contact me.

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Happy printing and remember, tunnel snakes rule!.

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Update – 01/07/15
I have tightened up the tolerances and uploaded the models in a higher resolution.

Update – 16/07/15
MODS!!!. I’ve finally finished some of the mods shown off in the conference and can be applied in almost any order. The only unfortunate thing is if you want to apply the sight to you’re already printed pistol you will need to reprint the barrel which I have now revised to accept it. Check out the new renders!!.
Like the pistol itself, I am releasing these files without testing them as someone will definitely print this before me is just inform me if you have any problems so I can revise the files.

Update – 03/01/2016
Model has been updated and is almost 100% game accurate. Mods have been removed and will be added once I have updated them to fit the new model.

Update – 08/01/2016
Mods added.

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: Doesn’t Matter



Painting and Assembly

When printed, it can be assembled as it but because of the designed print orientations it will need glue to make it a solid item. When painting try to get minimal paint application to these mating faces to give the glue the best adhesion possible on final assembly.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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