Fallout 4 – Pip boy 3000 Mk IV

Author: lilykill, published on 2015-08-20

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Here is the my version of the new pip boy from Fallout 4. Be aware this is as accurate as I can get it with the photos and references I have so far. My design features a operating tape deck and removable game cartridges like in Bethesda E3 conference and fits all the phones the Fallout 4 pip boy editions can hold. For some of the hinges I have intended to use 3mm Dia. steel wire as a printed dowel just won’t be strong enough, it will also need a length of 1mm Dia. wire to be used as a spring for the tape deck. Details of which, I will detail when I upload the part files.

The only file attached for the moment is the whole assembly as an STL, I will release the part files after I’m happy that it assembles and operates correctly but the STL still show the detail I have included in the model.

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Update 11/09/15
Just uploaded the parts but just to reiterate, I have not printed this, I will need feedback to make improvements if you have any problems.

Update 23/09/15
STEP 214 file uploaded of complete assembly.

Update 08/12/15
I have uploaded the new files that has the parts cut up to except for the parts for cassette mechanism which I’m still perfecting as I’m not completely happy with at the moment. If anybody prints this out in the meantime, the only part that will need to be reprinted will be the “MAIN BODY MIDDLE TOP.stl.”. I will then upload all the parts for cassette mechanism.

Update 17/12/15
Cassette mechanism parts uploaded along with assembly instructions.

Update 18/12/15
BOM added and STL zip updated so BOM is included.

Update 29/12/15
BOM and assembly drawing updated.

Update 07/01/16
Forgot to add the latch hook, all parts re-uploaded

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