Fan duct/nozzle V6 for K8200 / 3Drag and frame mounting Clip

Author: eytec, published on 2013-10-03

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Here is the final version of my fan nozzle V6.
The original fan holder from the K8200 starts to vibrate by printig.
And i had problem with coolig behind the nozzle.
So i had made a new one.
By mountig this:
Please place the airflow of the two bigger nozzles behind the extruder nozzle (like shown in the picture with the red line)
Edit:: i uplodet the gcode file to print with the K8200
Edit : Upload V6-22 STL and ziped gcode file.
I had made smal modifikations so it is easyer to print this.
With the normal fan nozzle from the K8200 it is not so easy to print this new nozzle, So it is possible thad you must print it twice.
(by the second Print you will use the first printed nozzle and the result will mutch be bether)
Edit: new version is online V6-25.STL
Edit: new version is online V6-27.STL (for bether printing at the begin of the tubes)
Feel free to post a make pictuer of this part 😉

Edit for smaler hotends i hat uploadet a 10mm smaler version

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