Fantastical Heart Gears

Author: joefe, published on 2014-02-14

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A fantastic explosion of hearts in Emmett’s heart gears!

I really liked Emmett’s heart gears, but I wanted to do something more with them. While combing through thingiverse, I got inspiration from roman_hegglin’s voronoi heart. So, I set upon modifying each of the 2-3 pieces to make them heart-tastic. I hollowed out each piece and placed an arrangement of heart cutouts in each one giving them an extraordinary look.

You can print all of them to make a full fantastical heart or take one or two pieces to mix in with Emmett’s Original!

Props to Emmett on his amazing designs!

It is quite solid and meshes well. And it looks Great!!

Here is a video of it doing a full rotation:
I tried to turn it around to show all sides during the video 🙂

Update: The fins that Emmett adds to the bottom of the holes (he describes this in his “Parametric Snap Pins” description) caused artifacts in my files that put a chunk at the bottom of each hole. I was able to remove these with my needle nose pliers, but thought that is not a great way to share a print, so I have gone into tinkercad and fixed the artifact in each of the pieces.
The fixed files have been uploaded and work great!

Happy printing!


I printed mine at .2mm layers with two shells and 10% fill. I have a fan blowing on the print which helps with the overhangs. I ended up with a few little strings that cleaned up easily.
After you print your parts, just follow Emmett’s instructions here:
These pieces can be mixed and matched with Emmett’s 2-3 heart gears as well!

***This is designed to print Without support. You may get a few minor strings, but it should clean up easily. If you do not have a fan blowing on it, be sure to slow the print down to a reasonable speed for overhangs.

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