Faucet Charger

Author: Pound, published on 2015-11-27

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I’d like to deliver a message about charging station is not an issue for usage of electric scooter. Recharging battery of your electric scooter at home like filling up a tank of water is easier and cheaper than refill your ICE scooter in gasoline station.

An Electric Scooter Marketing Story
A young man promoted electric scooter to an old man.
The old man refused, “Charging is inconvenient, take a long time, it needs two to three hours once.”
A few days later, the young man got an idea, and came back to find the old man.
Young: “Uncle, there is an amazing scooter, free fuel, water only. Are you interested in?”
The old man: “You’re kidding. Is it true?”
Young: “However, it needs smaller pipe, drop a little longer, it makes scooter ride more smoothly.”
The old man: “How long does it need to drop?”
Young: “almost 2 to 3 hours.”
The old man: “Dropping 2 to 3 hours once is fine, that is no difference, water is also cheaper than gasoline. You should have told me earily such a good thing. I might have said I bought one right away…”
Young man show the old man an electric scooter and this faucet charger immediately.

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