Female Action Figure 38 Points of Articulation

Author: jasonwelsh, published on 2013-08-01

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I present to you a 3D printed female action figure / pose reference tool. I Learned a ton from the male 70 points of articulation action figure I made. This time I wanted balance and range of motion to be the key focus.

Much research went into the type of joints on action figures vs what could be possible in a 3D print .

See image of the model balancing on one foot.
It has a interchangeable hand system, Making this thing a very useful tool in the hands of an artist. (fact, teachers love puns)
I included a large variation of hands to choose from that quickly mount into place using a PLA spike.
If the breasts are too big I have included a smaller size. The whole character is set to classic heroine body type standards. 8 heads flat feet tall so don’t be shocked when you get her printed out.. Just find a spear mount it in her hands and you have a amazon warrior for your desk or studio.

Also included the blender file in case you want to develop for the model or make new hands


For instructions on assembly see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:116571
It has some breakdowns of this model type. I have upgraded the ball joints so there is no friction collar to deal with.

Print the hands with support

Development Diary video located here

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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