Filament Spindle Bin

Author: UBuildABook, published on 2013-08-15

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I created this to deal with the issue of swapping spindles on our Solidoddle 3 and to deal with the issue of some filament rolls have different size openings, some of which wont fit on the PCV holder attached to the back of the Solidoddle. This setup allows for 2-3 spindels depending on their dimensions. there is a window in the front to see how much is left on each roll and the filament feeds out the back to allow the bins to stack. All parts were picked up at Home Depot.

Parts List


  1. Drill 1 hole in the middle of each side of the bin for the Threaded rod to go through
  2. Drill 3 small holes in the back of the bin for the filament to come out
    (change the number of holes to match the amount of spindles you will have in the bin)
  3. Place the spindles in the bin and run the rod through the holes in the bin and through each spindle
  4. Push the rod all the way through one hole just enough to screw on a nut and washer between the inside of the bin and the spindles
  5. Now place the remaing 2 washers and nuts on the rod outside of the bin
  6. Now run each filament through each of the holes in the back of the bin and you are all set

I list the last 2 parts as x3 or x4 because I didn’t feel the need to use 4 nuts/washers (easier to remove rolls if you put 2 on one side and 1 on the other).

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