Filament Storage Solution (IKEA SAMLA)

Author: wstein, published on 2015-03-27

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The IKEA SAMLA Boxes (22 l / 6 gallon) is the ideal storage solution for my needs. The profiled wall design makes it very stable. It can hold up to 5x 750g standard spools and I can put Silica gel inside. The IKEA SAMLA boxes should be available in many countries in the world.

By mounting an installations tube in the box, I can feed the filament direct from the box to my printer. That’s very convenient!

It is fast and easy to print. It is very easy to assemble. A drilling jig is also included.

The STL files are for M4 screw and nuts, but as it is customizable you can configure it also for inch parts, other tube/pipe or boxes.

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.3mm layer

Infill: 20%



Parts list for each box:

  1. IKEA SAMLA Boxe with Lid (22 l / 6 gallon) 798.508.75
  2. 32mm installation tube/pipe (1.25 inch should also fit)
  3. 2x printed socket
  4. 6x M4x8 bolt (M4x10mm can also be used)
  5. 6x M4 nuts
  6. 6x M4 washers

Tools you need:

  • electric drill
  • 4mm drill
  • a pipe cutter or a miter box with saw
  • screw driver

Build steps:

  1. print two sockets for each box
  2. print one drilling jig
  3. use the drilling jig to drill the three holes on each side of the box
  4. mount the sockets as you see on the images
  5. cut the installation tube/pipe at 315mm (12.4inch)

Put the spools on the tube and put it onto the sockets. Now push the side wall a little bit apart and the tube will snap into the sockets.

I recommend also this things:

  • Spacer to hold the spools apart (I’m using simple_spacer_32x5.stl and simple_spacer_32x10.stl )
  • the Spool Adapter for perfect fitting of different spools
  • a Filament Clip


For sealing your boxes:

You may find this things useful to control humidity:


Version 2.0: The customizer calculates the correct tube length, now. So it should be easier to create for different boxes.

Version 2.0.1: fix for latest customizer version

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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