Fitness woman bust

Author: yoan64, published on 2014-03-02

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A bust of athletic woman with visibles muscles.
The photos taken are from the first stl version.

There was some errors in holding the plate at the bottom of the breasts (has you can see on the photos).
That’s why I change the chest (enhance the breasts) to facilitate the holding. This second version is available here.
I have not printed it yet.

(Made with MakeHuman, Blender, and Netfabb Basic)


To avoid the problems I encountered at the bottom of the breasts (which should not occur due to changes in shape version 2).
You can lower the temperature when the nozzle gets to that part.

For mine (version 1)
I used:

  • PLA 3mm
  • Height: 0.1mm
  • Perimeter: 3 layers
  • Infill: 0

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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