Folding Cube

Author: emmett, published on 2013-08-18

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This is a fun little toy that folds around and around itself. It’s inspired by those paper marketing cubes that you might have seen around. This one snaps together, though the assembly is a bit of a puzzle of its own.

If you open up the OpenSCAD file you can play an animation of its movement, which I’m kind of proud of. You can also tweak the parameters of this design in Customizer if you need to.


There are four different pieces, and you need two of each for a total of eight. These can be snap-fit assembled, which is tricky, but I’m sure you can figure it out. I like to use Ditto printing (using the sailfish firmware on my Rep Dual) to print out all eight in half the time. Otherwise you can use the regular plate and print two copies.

I’m kind of fudging the 45 degree rule here, so the corners may want to curl. If printing with PLA, I recommend pointing an extra fan at the print to aid with cooling.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: customizer, kinetic, openscad, snapfit, supportless