Fully Printable Fishing Rod

Author: 1nxtmonster, published on 2015-06-24

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Great for hiking or camping, and is small enough to fit into a pocket so you can fish anytime. The handle is hollowed out and there is a threaded end cap so that you can store some hooks and lures in the handle. The spool can be configured for either left-handed or right-handed when you assemble it. Video:


Update 6/26/15: I have hollowed out the handle and added a threaded endcap so that you can stash some lures, hooks, and sinkers in the handle. Thanks to the suggestion of Predator04. You can fit quite a bit of stuff in there!

Update 6/25/15: I added a new deeper reel with a much greater line capacity. The name of the file is ‘New Reel.stl’. The full plate of parts named ‘Fishing Rod.stl’ has had this new reel added to it, so by printing out the plate you can have both and choose one.


When you print it out, using a brim of 10mm or more is recommended to increase the contact area between the rod and the bed to prevent warping. The rod assembles very simply and easily. Slide the round spool into the spool holder on the main rod body. The crank then gets pushed through the rod and spool. Make sure that the hole in the crank and the hole in the spool align, as this is what you tie the fishing line through to keep it from slipping. You can make it for left or right handed, but once you press the crank in it is really hard to pull out. You may even need to pound the crank in with a mallet or other heavy object.

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