Fume Extractor – 120mm Fan Shroud & Duct Adaptor

Author: Tez_Gelmir, published on 2013-11-25

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This is a soldering fume extractor designed for a 12v 120mm case fan & can be used with or without the flexible tube (pictured). It’s designed to mount onto a lamp arm but could be mounted onto any base.

The duct adapter reduces from 120mm to 85mm diameter sleeve to suit the flexible downpipe available from Bunnings in Australia for $9.90 AUD.


Duct & Shroud:

Infill 20%
Layer Height 0.2mm
Number of shells 2
Feedrate 90 mm/s
Travel Feedrate 150 mm/s
Print Temperature 230c

This was printed with black 1.75mm PLA on mbot Rep2.

1) Bolt the duct to the mount with a 3/16″ countersunk bolt with a wingnut & rubber washer.
2) Bolt the Shroud & Duct to the Fan with 4x 3/16″ countersunk bolts.
3) Cut off the standard rectangular connections of flexible downpipe hose with an x-acto knife to leave the tapered round end.
4) Slip the flexible hose into the 85mm diameter duct connection.


License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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