Gnome Gears

Author: whpthomas, published on 2013-09-12

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Here is my entry for the #gnomeremix flash challenge. This is another object mashup created with my PLA gear kit, this time using Makerbot’s Gnome as the STL object.


If you have a Replicator 1/2/2X all you need to download and print is the centre_plate, pin_plate and full_plate. They already have helper tabs, so they are ready to slice. I kept the center and pins separate so you can print them in a different colour, which I personally think looks better =)

If you have a smaller printer you can print the small_plate and plate 4 x 4 times, instead of the full_plate.

SPECIAL NOTE: This little guy has slightly different pins tha usual, the small pins go on the small gears except the head, which uses one of the larger pins.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: Gear, gears, gear_mashup, gnomeremix, makerbot, multi-part, openscad, parametric, rotating_gear