Gowanus Monster – Margo Series

Author: boldmachines, published on 2015-06-08

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The Gowanus Monster. Legend tells of a beast that haunts the darky depths of Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal. Unsuspecting hipsters who dare to approach the edges of the canal late at night are thought to have looked into the eye of the beast – then hypnotized by the strange glow of the eyes, have jumped into the canal. If they are lucky they are washed up near Whole Foods with no memory of what happened…

As part of the Margo Series – the Gowanus Monster is the Aquatic Robotic Vehicle (ARV) that searches for an ancient underwater city – rumored to be located near the Gowanus Canal. Developed by Mr. Walthersnap, the ARV uses echo location and vacuum tube technology to navigate.

Gowanus Canal: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gowanus_Canal

Printed on a MakerBot Replicator 2x (ABS) and a MakerBot Replicator Z18 (PLA).

Designed by Sean Charlesworth: http://opus5.complex88.com/


Designed and modeled for Bold Machines by Sean Charlesworth

Pins by whpthomas from his PLA Cube Gears for Replicator 2:

All files have been run through mesh repair and are print-ready. Most parts print wihtout support.


body bottom x1 5% / 2 shells / raft
body top x1 5% / 2 shells / raft
body-head pin x8 5% / 2 shells
eye window x2 10% / 1 shell
fin side x1 10% / 1 shell
fin top x1 10% / 1 shell
head x1 5% / 2 shell / support / raft usually not needed
porthole x6 10% / 1 shell
prop x2 0% / 1 shell / slower speed recommended
prop housing x2 10% / 1 shell
tentacle 01 – 04 x1 each 5% / 2 shells / raft & support – slower speed may help, have had some success printing without support
tentacle pin x4 10% / 2 shells / raft
platform x1 10% / 1 shell
platform arm x1 10% / 1 shell
platform front cradle x1 10% / 1 shell
platform rear cradle x1 10% / 1 shell


porthole insert x6 – used as a different color window insert for portholes 10% / 1 shell
eye window DUAL frame – used with insert for a dual print eye window 10% / 1 shell
eye window DUAL insert 10% / 1 shell


  • Insert pegs into body bottom
  • Put side fins on pegs
  • Put top body on pegs
  • Insert pegs into head (make sure to remove support material)
  • Put head on body assembly
  • Glue in: top fin and portholes
  • Glue on eye windows, there’s no alignment key, so rotate to desired angle
  • Put props in housing, they will friction fit so they can rotate
  • Glue prop assemble to head
  • Gently insert pins in tentacles (make sure to remove support material) & snap into head – order does not matter
  • If porthole inserts are used, print in contrasting color and glue into portholes

  • Glue platform arm to base
  • Glue front and rear cradles to arm. The arm is marked with ‘F’ to indicate front position. Cradles are marked ‘F’ and ‘R’ for front and rear. Arrow next to letter indicates front-facing orientation for installation
  • Front cradle sits underneath the head

License: Creative Commons – Attribution

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