Guitar hanger / hook in the shape of a hand

Author: TBS, published on 2013-11-22

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I needed something to hang my guitars on the wall, I figured I wanted to go with something cool so I designed this guitar hanger / hook in the shape of a hand making the “rock on” gesture. This design can be used for guitars with a maximum neck width of 4.5 cm and with the head width that is greater then that. The design is strong enough to hold my (quite heavy) guitars no problem.

03-12-2014: I’ve added some new back plates for you to choose from.


Be sure to print it laying down so it has more structural strength, supports enabled obviously. I printed mine with 0.1 mm layerheight and about 10% infill.
I made different plates where the hand is attached on so you can choose which you like most:

  • Original
  • Cube
  • Smoothed Cube
  • Shield
  • Minimalistic

If you are going with the original plate, you have to drill out the holes after printing because
I forgot about them after I smoothed everything out.

There is a support-free version available by CacheFlow:

Have fun!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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