Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A

Author: big_red_frog, published on 2013-10-06

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NOT rated for motor vehicle use, general safety equipment or Type 26/42/52 directed energy plasma cannons.

To better support detailed instructions and development, now hosting blog like content at hackaday projects which is in alpha, at


This model is expected to deprecate the previous versions.

http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:138405 and

and is a derivative from this 3dmax original.


This is size A – Adult

I now have a size C – small Child at http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:181491

And a size B – medium at

Proven vac formed visor as per


Got featured at Autodesk University and won an award for design in Fusion 360. mulitple shots in this video – Yeah me!


All components have images of successful print and build time.

All modelling in Autodesk Fusion 360, its free for non commercial use, I highly recommend it.

Now using Netfabb basic to post process STL for origin, orientation and repair, so thingiview will also now work.

STL should be in correct orientation on dropping direct into Makerware! Just move to center of plate, and in some cases rotate to fit the bed nicely.

See instructions.

Please comment, its been exhausting, so would appreciate the banter.

All upgrades, such as led modified back light and perforated visor will be posted as separate “things”


Chin Front with M4 bolt modifications


Perforated Visor for Halo Helmet


Added a full version of the visor as it will fit in a Replicator 2.

Halo 4 Helmet Size A Big Pieces

Combined components where separation was unnecessary if you have a replicator 2 size build volume.


Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A with tiewraps, working through the pieces and placing mounting holes for tiewraps to aid with wire harness control.


Halo 4 Helmet Full Size A Peak with Batteries


A youtube link from the comments that is too good to miss…


A render from keyshot 4


An assembly video kindly created by http://www.thingiverse.com/rmasching


Deprecated derivatives.

Backlight with LED mount – Now been added directly to this thing, replacing the non LED version.




All designed in Autodesk Fusion 360

Note ChinFront_r1_0.stl has been updated to address artifact present in Makerware. Not apparent why, but single slice layer was appearing as just support near top of print. Piece flipped in netfabb and resaved, artifact goes away!

All STL sliced with Makerware to x3g at medium profile 0.2mm layers, default settings, 2 shells, 10% infill, with raft and support.

Latest Makerware suggests scaling some pieces to fit. DO NOT. All pieces will fit a Replicator 2 print area with simple rotation about the vertical axis and centering. The “down” face should be preserved for best results.

Total build time for main body is ~60 hours on my Makerbot Replicator 2 in PLA.

Including pins ( no visor or magnets ) is 680 grams, so you can budget one Kilo gram per helmet with raft, support and reprints. Don’t forget some natural for your visor / inserts.

Its 16 main pieces as per attached files, and 4 inserts / visor.

Using the other “things” for combined pieces it comes down to 12 main pieces.

You can get it down to 7 main + insert full plates by printing multiple pieces on one replicator 2 bed.

All uploaded files have been preprocessed in netfabb basic for integrity and orientation.

Generally Magnets used are 3/8 x 1/10 99K32.03 – 19 off


Placed in 3/8 steel cups 99K32.52 – 15 off


Jowl insert retaining magnets are 1/4″ x 1/10″ 99K31.01 from same page again. – 4 off


Tension pins throughout model are 1/8″ x 3/4″ as per 240-025 – 57 off ( just buy a box of 100 )


Print, glue, pin for alignment during glueing. Magnet for snap attach of peak, chin and visor if desired. Add foam to fit for proper alignment.

Use 5mm LED’s in all inserts. – 6 off ( presently )

Assembly order is roughly shown at


No grunts were spared in the making of this product.


This is a 15% reduction of the 6’6 model. So scaled to 85%. There are many other changes so not all parts can be reversed back into the 6’6 model., however, should you wish to try for parts like the vacform mold, chin piece with detail, or the hex visor, you would scale the A size model pieces by 117.6471%

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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