Halo 4 Helmet Full Size ( Small child )

Author: big_red_frog, published on 2013-08-04

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http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:158120 – Adult A
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:225884 – Medium B
http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:181491 – Child C

Information below is historical.

Update 11

Added some final pics of assembled with new chin print ( as previous had print error, model was good )

I consider this size model complete now.

All further efforts will be to scale up, tweak, reprint, which I will publish as a separate “thing”


Note image of helmet being worn, has no internal padding or positioning, so is effective just balanced on the head.

Update 10

Added part model images so you can see construction

Update 9

Added final pieces ( yeah! ), roof, peak ( left and right )

Still printing my way through.

Also added a backfan version which has the circular piece cut out and an insert model, which I have printed in clear, and am playing with led sources.

WIll update pics as final pieces are printed.

Update 8

Added left and right temple.

Finding that tension pins holes are loose on the new shiny pins I have, not a big deal as they are for location only, parts will be bonded together in the end. Will resize when I do an adult size version.

Update 7

Adding images as I print pieces. Will be making a new top fan with clear insert and rgb led. Current front chin had a print error, due to print lifting, but model is fine. Also have not yet cleaned the joint surfaces so will be a tighter fit.

Update 6

Added RearTopSide pieces.
Update 5

Better encapsulation of pins in chin front piece.

Update 4

Fixed better encapsulation of pins in Jowl pieces.

Update 3.

Definitely coming out small child size. Its going to be close for my 4 year old!

Will continue at this scale to fix all the matters arising until I have a full print, then will rescale for adult, fix all the pins sizes and republish.

Assembled image shows existing pieces connected, though I have not sanded the joint surface yet, so it will go tighter.

Update 2.

Things are printing well, but it looks like this will more likely fit my son than me.

Once I am done, I will make an adult size version as well.

Also have no idea what to do for the visor yet.

Update 1.

As the chin print delaminated in the same place twice, I have resliced to three separate pieces.

Will stop slicing the model now, until I have enough prints to prove methodology.


Working on full size pieces to print on my replicator 2.

Uses 1/8 x 3/4 tension pins for location of pieces to each other.

Will publish as I print, so expect this to take weeks as I iterate, and the chin is a 8 hour print!

I suspect the first one will not be big enough for me, and too big for my son, so likely will rescale once I have one fully assembled. ( note if you just rescale the STL’s the tension pin holes will be wrong. )

Until I have one fully assembled, then I will not know if the slicing allows easy removal ( by unlatching the chin piece for example ) so I expect to go through alot of printing hours before its good start to end. As well as building in the latch mounts when it is evident where they need to go, and possibly mounting a fan in the back if there is room.

Note this large print of the chin has a delamination error, as can be seen half way up the model. Have tried slicing higher, and got the same error in the same place, so makerware likely doesn’t like getting the slice / support quite right. I will be reslicing to get a more successful print. All part of the process I guess.

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