Helicopter set [COMPLETE]

Author: sketcher, published on 2013-09-13

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Added compartment for pencil topper inside the pencil case
Reworked the ruler and the pencil topper so it is less likely to fly out and increase the sale of eyepatches (caution still advised while playing)
Removed the runway design on the pencil case’s cover (Seriously what was I thinking?)
More pictures

This is inspired by my childhood joy of imitating a helicopter with a pencil and a ruler with a hole. Simply put on the pencil topper, put the ruler on and spin! 😀 (refer to picture)
If you’re still confused, just put top of the pencil topper through the bigger part of the hole and push it into the smaller notch, which (hopefully) makes it harder to fly out.
Please, if giving this to minors, tell them to be careful with it. It can take someone’s eyes out.
And also, if they failed to pay attention in class, I will not be held accountable for it as well, although I will take it as a compliment.

Sketchup files included, in case you want to change some parts of it.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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