Hello Kitty Character

Author: aaroninclub, published on 2013-11-21

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This is a hello kitty character model that I made for a friend. Replicated from 1 reference image..


My character started off as a simple cylinder primitive for the main body of the model where is where the legs extruded out from.. Then I extruded the arms out of the top sides and later added the head by first squashing a sphere primitive and using the FFD to further warp the head into shape. The eyes are spheres that have been cut in half to turn into cones where I then scaled. The whiskers/flower/mouth all started off as spline lines that then got thickened using the extrude command.. I later extruded the ears out of the head piece.. After the modelling was complete, was then necessary to create a UVunwrap.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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