Hex Wrench Handle

Author: TheVNPrinter, published on 2013-10-16

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A classic screwdriver grip handle to use on those pesky hex wrenches!

No additional hardware, no zip ties, no uneeded extra parts. All in one, print and go!

Fits up to a 3mm hex!
(When scaled to suggested size shown)



The images shown were printed using .35mm nozzle with 3mm filament.

The print in the images was scaled to x10

use support material. Keep printed on side for best structure; I tried printing upright and it snapped when I tried to use it. Printing on it’s side makes it nice and sturdy.

The support material may clock up the hole in which the wrench comes out the bottom.

Use a sturdy hex wrench to break through the support material. (Scaled to x10, it should fit up to a 3mm hex, so I’d use that…)

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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