Holden Observatory — 3D Scanning a Full Size Building!

Author: ibudmen, published on 2014-04-14

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After scanning a few people, some art, and even my cat I was approached by Arland Whitfield, founder of Skyworks, with the idea to put our heads together & scan something BIG.

The building we decided on was Holden Observatory on Syracuse University’s campus, being one of the oldest buildings in the area and at a little over 2 stories tall it was the perfect sized challenge to try and bite off.

Scanning Holden


From my experiments scanning regular sized objects, I knew there were 3 basic angles we needed to capture in order to get the scan.

1. Low and angled up  
2. High and angled down  
3. Directly above and straight down  

Scanning Holden

To read more about our process for scanning a full size building check out the writeup!

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