Hollow Calibration Cube

Author: 3D-ME, published on 2014-03-28

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This is a hollow 20mm cube for calibrating your 3D printer! Cubes are hugely popular to calibrate axis linear travel, but this hollow design also allows you to also calibrate bridging and extrusion flow, all while cutting down the amount of time and filament used for your print. It has 1mm thick walls on all sides, measures exactly 20mm on all the outer faces, and has a hollow interior, all without the need of any support material.
Head over to the ‘Instructions’ tab to get started.
Got the cube to print nicely? Check out my Bridge Calibration Object for even more bridging calibration.
Wanna remix it? Fire up ‘Customizer’ and make a cube of your very own!


  1. Download and print. (without support material)
  2. Measure all sides and adjust stepper motors in your firmware accordingly. This is done by dividing 20mm by your measurement for that axis, then multiplying your stepper’s settings by the result.
  3. Inspect the roof and adjust the bridging speed. (I had to slow mine down to 10 mm/sec to get a flat roof.)
  4. You could also stop a print half-way to measure the cube’s wall thickness so that you can fine-tune your extruder steps.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have a perfect 20mm cube.
  6. Post a picture showing off your cube under the “I Made One” tab!

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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