Hovership MHQ – Foldable Mini H-Quadcopter

Author: Hovership, published on 2014-02-16

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The Hovership MHQ is designed for portable FPV flying and capturing video with smaller cameras like a Mobius or GoPro. The frame is an H-Quadcopter layout with foldable arms and a vibration isolated layer for the flight controller and camera.

FPV through tight spaces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8d_lyni_Lc
First FPV flight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tTA2C6hPz_w
First flight from one of my beta testers:

Motors, ESCs, Power Distrubtion boards, and Printed Kits Available: http://shop.hovership.com

Suggested motors:

Props: 5″ max

ESCs: 12a, 2mm bullet connectors

Battery: 1300-1500mAh 3-cell, Zippy compact 1500mAh are nice and flat.

Frame Weight: ~133g with all hardware including motor screws

The control deck can fit a controller with a max hole spacing of 45mm. However, it is recommended to use a smaller (lighter) board. The standoffs for the top plates should ideally be 20mm or less. This will require a controller with right angle header pins.

Flight controllers that meet this criteria:

If you must use a controller with straight pins, you will need standoffs that are 30-40mm tall. With this option the battery should be mounted between the 2 top plates as to avoid the copter being too top heavy.

UPDATE 06-12-2014
Added a V2 landing gear. This version has a “rib” to strengthen the part for rough landings.

UPDATE 05-01-2014
Added a V3 arm. This has the motor mounting holes rotated so that motors with M3 screws can use the groove in the arm to run the wires straight down the arm instead of coming out the side.

UPDATE 03-08-2014
Modified both arm designs to be 4mm longer. The added length improves prop clearance from the center plates.

UPDATE 03-01-2014
Added a version 2 arm design. I noticed that with motors using the M2 bolts, the way the wires come out of the motor is not ideal. I added a groove to the arm so that the wires can run straight down the arm instead of off the side.

UPDATE 02-23-2014
I added baseplates and control decks for 6mm and 9mm vibration dampeners to allow more sourcing options for this part. See instructions for links to suggested dampeners. I have tested the fit but have not flown with these new sizes.


Hardware needed

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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