“I Love You” Box

Author: MakeALot, published on 2015-02-10

Click this button to get the 3D model


A circular trinket/present box with the words “I LOVE YOU” embossed in the style of Morris/Goudy around the outside. There is a plain lid, or if you prefer, a lid with space for an insert of your loved one’s initial printed separately and pressed in.

As an alternative to the lettered lid insert, a customised message can be made from any image/drawing maybe a child’s drawing or personal message.

To make your own lid insert:
Make sure your image is square (the more pixels the better)
Drop it on http://3dp.rocks/lithophane
Set Max Size (MM) = 60, Thickness (MM) = 4, Border (MM) = 1.6, Thinnest layer (MM) = 0.6, Vectors per Pixel = 5, Base/Stand depth = 0, Form = “Flat, mirror Neg.”. Then click on the image to download a customised STL insert for your lid.


The Base, Lid and Letter in the photo were all printed in at my lowest quality setting i.e. 100mm/s 0.32mm layer height, so anything you produce will look better 🙂

I painted the one photographed with 2 coats of wood glue mixed with half a teaspoon of Brass Powder from eBay and then burnished it once it was dry. As described by Dizingof.



There is some debate as whether this is in the style of William Morris or is in-fact Goudy Initials by Frederic Goudy. I personally think it is closer to Goudy Initials. This work is based on images from the public domain. Either way, this font is still as lovely today as it was 100 years ago.

It prints with no support. I’m sure it will print well in bronze fill, wood fill, etc. as well.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution