I3 rework upgrades and improvements

Author: djvdpant, published on 2014-02-12

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These parts are for the I3 Rework by eMotion Tech. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:119616

UPDATE 4-9-2015:
I added all my other improvents that I have designed since I uploaded the first 2.

I liked the look of their design. But after putting it together there were 2 things I wanted to improve.

First. My stepper motors were a bit on the big end of the tolerated size (42.3mm wide) This caused an alignment error in the z axis of the M5 threaded rod and the x ends. I increased the room around the motor. Also I added a ridge to align the motor mount with the frame.

Second. I really liked the idea by ffleurey to protect the z-axis smooth rods against the x belt tension. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:160636

Update 12-3-2014 :
3 Upgraded the Y tensioner for 624zz bearings. It is retrofittable without removing any threaded bars.Just cut off the old tensioner.
4 Made a few modifications to the x idler tensioner to prevent alignment problems.

UPDATE 4-9-2015
5: I designed and tested a pulley with barreled shape for the belts. It centers the belt automatically so it does not rub the sides of the pulley.

6: I designed a holder to mount the original Rework extruder as a bowden extruder.

7: I added braces to the frame. They can be assembled without modifiing the original parts.

8 I added brackets to mount the megatronics V2 box

9 I replaced M5 nuts in x axis ends by long M5 connector nuts to smooth possible errors in M5 thread.

10 I placed the whole printer in a IKEA STUVA cupboard. Works perfectly for ABS printing in “heated”chamber.

I designed the parts in Freecad. http://www.freecadweb.org/


All parts are printable without supports. Use “brim” to keep them flat except on the pulley halves.

The holder for the x pulley accepts either 2 624bearings clamped together or 1 624 bearing with 2 pulley halves glued to it and 2 bushings.

To mount the bottom brace: remove the rear top M10 nuts and replace it with an M10 connector nut of +/-30mm long. This way you do not have to dissasemble and replace the M10 rod. that holds your motor.

Some other parts I used to improve my I3 are:

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