INTVAL Next: A Bolex Intervalometer

Author: ls3d, published on 2013-09-17

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This is an intervalometer that can be attached to the Bolex 16mm movie camera. This is a the first draft of the design which uses a salvaged stepper motor (of standard mount and size) and an Arduino microcontroller. The larger gear is broken out into a separate OpenSCAD script because it is a modified version of this:

Let me know if you try to make one. Read more about it here:

or here


Non-Printed Parts:

(1) IR LED Emitter/Receiver pair
(1) Arduino Uno (or compatible)
(1) Adafruit mshield [ ]
(1) Stepper Motor (200 steps)
(2) 608 bearings (skateboard)

License: GNU – GPL