iPhone 6 Plus Dock w/ Integrated Watch Charging Station

Author: ScanSource3D, published on 2015-06-04

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Charge your iPhone 6 Plus and Watch in style!

This is meant for use with the iPhone 6 Plus with the 1mm hard silicone case. It can be used without the case as shown in the picture, but it is a bit loose.

Looking for a version that supports the regular size iPhone 6? Check out this remix:

We are getting plenty of requests for variations for variations base on various iPhone/case combos. While we don’t have plans to make these ourselves, feel free to remix the design to fit your needs!

Check the remix section for the original files that inspired and enabled our design.


Download iPhone_Watch_Stand.stl for the full, fused file. Send to a service like Shapeways for slick one-piece printing as shown in the images.

For printing on your own plastic extrusion printer, download Part 1 and Part 2.

  • Part 1 can be printed without supports in its current orientation.
  • Part 2 should be printed with supports in its current orientation. Support should be minimal and any rough points would be on the back of the stand.

After printing, glue the two halves together to form a single piece with a small seam in front.

Thingiverse user narenpatel printed Phone_Watch_Stand.stl at a scale of 1.015 to fit the iPhone 6 plus with leather case. They said the Apple Watch charging disk will be little loose as a result, but can be fixed by wrapping a bit of tape around the charger for a better fit.

Download Full_Dock_For_Remixing.stp for easier editing in your CAD program of choice. It is a bit messy since all the original files for this remix came from STL files and this STEP is a conversion from that.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

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