Iris Door Box v3

Author: countspatula, published on 2013-09-04

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This is a completely rebuilt version of my original iris door box. The walls, leaves and top ring are much thinner on this version, reducing material and print time. The mechanism is also easier to assemble and adjust.
They are designed to work with a specific screw diameter so sizing them up or down may not work.


The box assembles with screws and glue. Written instructions are included in the TXT file.
My settings using ABS on a MakerBot 2X have been:
Gear ring and slot ring – .2 layer/ 10% fill/ 2 shells
Leaves – .2 layer/ 10% fill/ 1 shell – This is important, as I have found that more than 1 shell can make sloppy leaves that don’t fit well.
Base – .2 layer/ 0% fill/ 2 shells – the 0 fill is important here since the walls are so thin. I find that using anything other than 0 shakes the machine like crazy and tends to jam the nozzle.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share Alike

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