Jet Engine

Author: Thalmano, published on 2014-02-04

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Jet engine. The jet engine by “Xena” was the inspiration for my engine, but it is not the same.
You Need:
2x Bearing 6000-2Z SKF (10x26x8)
2x Bearing 6002-2Z SKF (15x32x9)
1x Pipe outside diameter 10mm
1x Pipe outside diameter 15mm
1x Acrylic glass Pipe INSIDE diameter 74mm
You must drill a hole in the combustion chamber. Than you can connect it with pressed air. In the next days I will attach a video from the Turbine when it is working.
OH! I forgot the feet! Next days I will construct some…
Now the feet are online!

Hey Guys! Here is the improved combustion chamber and drive wheel for the compressor and fan! It works really good! If somebody needs help to assamble the engine, please send me a message.

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