Julia Vase #011 – Heatwave

Author: virtox, published on 2013-08-01

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Part of the Julia Vase collection:
Circa 12.5 cm high.
About 11 cm diameter.
Three versions:
Solid – Use vase/perimeter print settings in your software
Shell – Use surface print option in software
Walls – Predefined walls 1.5 to 2mm

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I printed the “Wall” file in Fluorescence Green PLA on an Up Plus with 0.3 mm layer thickness, no support, normal speed.
The green is nearly impossible to photograph 😉

I am currently printing the “Solid” file on an Up plus at 0.15mm with the ‘surface’ setting at fast speed. About two hours total time.
This setting results in a single perimeter vase with a thin bottom.
(It automatically removes the top)

Strangely though, the “Shell” file printed on Up plus with surface option does not print the bottom. So Up software is bit funky. This file is for the “Shell” option in Up or the Vase/Spiral vase function in other software.

License: Attribution – Non-Commercial – No Derivatives

Tags: fractal, julia_vase