K8200 / 3DRAG Parallel Z-Axis Spindle Gear

Author: donboy, published on 2014-01-09

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Next improvement for the Velleman K8200 3D-Printer, the Z-axis parallel spindle gear driven by the original motor.

When I had noticed that the extension-arm extremly wobbles when the printer quickly changes directions, i realized that the missing Z-guidance on right site is responsible for that. So, the main target is to reduce/eliminate this wobbling.

The upgrade was planned in concern to keep changes to the original as less as possible and to protect my/your purse ;-)) See printed result on the last image!

-Add extension_arm_guide.dxf : you can create your guide with your own fitting for a different nut. (extrude to 16 mm)
-Add belt_tensioner_right.stl : if you have a larger belt or something else, use this with second copy of idler pulleys.

P.S.: All things were printed with the original hotend. No further upgrades are necessary to get the parts, but your printer should be set well 😉


The right steering track rod is replaced by a control rod. Keep in mind, that this new spindle is of the same typ like the left one!!
In my case this is a TR8x1,5 precise-control-rod for CNC-engines i replaced formerly but you can use a normal srew rod M8 like the original one.
The left side spindel torque is transferd to the right side by a T5 Belt over two idler pulleys. Replace the steering rod holder on the
right side with new holder keeping ball bearings for the right spindle. The only challange is to get a closed T5-belt in defined length between 1060 till 1090 millimeters (in my case 1075 mm – send me a short message, i will respond with the link to my supplier). You can remove the lower angle brackets of the top cross bar to avoid loss of printing height. Attention: Check out the new max printing height and update this value to your printing software/firmware!! (In my case i lost only 6 millimeters)
Furter informations can be found in the german section on RepRap-Forum (http://forums.reprap.org) – search for “K8200”

Time required to print the parts: ~3-4 h
Time required to assembly parts: ~2-3 h

Additional Needs:
400 mm spindle (control rod) with 8mm diameter +
1x spindle-nut (both like left side – see note above!)
11x M3x10 / 4x M5x10 screws wih nut,
2x M8x30 screw with 2x nuts
10x M8 washers
4x 608 ball bearings
1075 mm closed T5-belt 6mm

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