Key Light Mount Replacement Bracket

Author: whpthomas, published on 2013-10-09

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This is a replacement part for the standard photo/flash light mounting bracket used in many lighting kits. For heavier soft-box key lights these brackets are prone to splitting – as several of mine have done. So after purchasing replacement parts, I realised that the same thing was bound to happen to the new ones at some point in the future, because they simply aren’t strong enough for the weight they have to support. So I designed this beefier replacement part which I printed in Nylon. It handles the weight of my 1200mm 4 bulb soft-box key-light without any trouble. The locking nut is embedded inside the print – see instructions for details.


I used my Nylon ReplicatorG profile to print this part. You should insert an M322 Z30 at the end of the start.gcode to pause the printer at 30mm to insert the nut that is used for the locking screw. When you reassemble make sure to use the clutch plates from the existing part.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike

Tags: flash, lighting, photography, soft_box, video