Kossel Alt – 20mm extrusion – 8mm smooth rods

Author: Crashoverride, published on 2013-09-22

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After using my Prusa Air printer since over a year now I have decided to try delta type printer. Kossel is really great design but as I have got some 8mm smooth rods and 20mm extrusion laying around I wanted to use them instead of precision rails.. I found Zam’s Kossel files but after printing them out I noticed that belts are not aligned with the carriages. I have some older stepper motors from an old printer(?) which already have gt2 pulleys on the shafts and they are not movable.., anyway I thought that it would be better to have belts running exactly between the smooth rods.. So instead redesigning carriage I have redesigned frame.. Carriage was taken from here http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:30611
Dry test http://youtu.be/RXFzkHzH564

UPDATE: 01/02/2014
As it was noticed by Senormeow http://www.ohmpie.com/delta_printer/, the 8mm rods are not sturdy enough for this height. I will be uploading stl files for 10mm rods version soon which should help to make it more rigid. If you decide to use 8mm rods anyway then I would advice to use shorter extrusion lengths for the columns or lower top frame by 10-20cm. Bear in mind it’s still work in progress ;), thanks


for the frame use:

  • 3 x 800mm – 20mm extrusion for columns
  • for the top and bottom frames use either 9 x 300mm – 20mm extrusion or 3 x 300mm – 20mm and 3 x 300 20x40mm extrusion

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