Kyudo Powder Containers, Fudeko-ire and Giriko-ire

Author: Bomark, published on 2013-09-12

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Container for powders used in kuydo, Japanese archery.
The bigger one is called fudeko-ire (container for grip powder) and the smaller one is called giriko-ire (container for glove powder).

Sliced in Cura with 95% infill and printed on an Ultimaker in Laywood-D3.

The models are created with 0.05mm tolerance, which is a very tight fit, use the customizer to create your own variants if it’s too tight.


Adjust the tolerance variable to fit your printer.

The fit should be snug, but you should be able to turn the lid.

The lid is held in place with a string tied through the bottom hole, running through the top hole. Pulling the string tight will prevent the lid from falling off, but will still allow turning the lid to line up the two holes in the container.

The inner hole of the container might benefit from being drilled to a larger size, to better allow sprinkling of the powders.

License: Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial

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