LED low poly mask

Author: newyork3r, published on 2013-10-31

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**Masquerade version is now on Thingiverse as a Remix of this!! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1064014

*I modified this mask to house 25 5mm RGB LED lights (from adafruit) in the mask. I also added slits on the sides to add a strap. The battery holder holds 2 9-volt batteries.

For different voltage sources use this great resistor calculator to determine the correct resistors.

Print Settings

Rafts: Doesn’t Matter

Supports: No

Resolution: 0.2mm

Infill: 5%


Natural or any other clear material.


LED Wiring:

  • I used adafruits.com Diffused 5mm Slow Fade Flashing RGB LED. They are great for beginners as they don’t require any programming skills. http://www.adafruit.com/products/679
    -Check to see if lights fit in place as PLA has a tendency to warp
    -Once you are sure the lights fit, glue them in place with a fast drying adhesive that works well with plastics
    -Solder lights in place with their associated resistors
    -To connect the mask to the battery pack, I used male/female DC Connector Size: Out-side diameter 5.5mm, In-side diameter 2.1mm. I used adhesive to mount this wire to the left edge of the mask passing right in front of my ear and down my back.
    -I used a silicone adhesive sealant to seal all the exposed LED leads and wire.
    Disclaimer: I make no claims that this mask is actually safe to wear. I am not liable for any injuries caused by electrical shock. MAKE AT YOUR OWN RISK

    *Refer to pictures for the wiring diagram


-The stap is made by sewing 3/4″ velcro strap made up of 3″of the “hard” side of velcro and the rest is made up of the “soft” side of velcro.
-I trimmed a piece of soft cotton from a fabric store. This is held in place with velcro sewn to it so it can be washed.
-To stop light leaking into your eyes causing flares in your vision, use a dark opaque material such as electrical tape to black out the eyes. as an added effect of the tape the mask become creepier.

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